Utility industries are constantly challenged to guarantee availability of essential resources and meet the rigorous regulative needs of the global markets. These challenges are an indicative to the Utility sector to streamline business processes, desegregate new technologies, identify jeopardizes associated with sunset assets, and adapt to the evolving governmental and environmental ordinances.

The utility companies are struggling to handle technical challenges linked with resolving these concerns – especially managing resources and adapting to changing industry trends.

Beatroot Technologies, a certified IT solution provider has in-house proficiency to understand and address the vital industry needs. Through our consulting and customized software solution services, we help clients surpass these challenges and move ahead of the competition.

Custom solutions

Utility companies can benefit from our bespoke ideas and industry knowledge. We streamline our client’s operations through custom software solutions that address common business issues.

We provide
  • Custom application development services
  • Custom software development services
  • Software consulting services
  • Independent Testing services

Enterprise solutions

Companies operating under Utility sector can gain from our business and technology solutions, tailored specifically for your business to advance the competition. We help you maximize your existing IT investment with our advanced software solutions.

We provide
  • Cloud computing
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • CRM solution
  • Portals & Collaborations

Market specific solutions

Our technology consultants possess solid domain knowledge and industry experience, which assists you in creating solutions that, can be implemented across the array of utility market sections.