Finance & Marketing

The financial market is regulated by stringent government policies & strict supervision. On the contrary, user demands for better service at lower cost are acquiring strength. To meet the creeping needs and be a successful market player, financial corporations need to focus on repositioning their product and services. Investing in the right technologies to withstand the competitive environment has become crucial for organizational success.

Beatroot Technologies assist you in Business Transformation; tailoring business model, using the right technology, and strengthening customer relationship (using customized CRM model) to achieve business goals. We offer bespoke and cost-effective financial solutions designed specifically to meet the optimal business status. Our best fit financial solution interjects efficiency, innovation, and creativity within your business in terms of increased productivity and revenue.


Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing financial software, or seeking custom-design financial solution for in-house use, or want to develop new financial software for industrial use, we can help you in creating the most suitable, cost-effective, and master product.

We provide
  • Custom financial software development
  • Custom software solution
  • Consultation service
  • Comprehensive product/software testing etc

Market segments

We are focused on providing superior quality software solution across diverse financial sectors for common and niche requirements. Our diverse domain experience helps us develop software that touches the entire financial market, including investment banking, consumer banking, capital and commercial markets, mortgage companies, etc.

Advantage with Beatroot Technologies

  • Expert in diverse technologies, such as SaaS, Microsoft, Java, and Open Source etc
  • Designing and developing safe, secure, and reliable software applications