Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing is used to help organizations connect to their target markets, gain customer insight and promote customer retention and loyalty. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or blogging may be used to create an interaction platform for the company or its products. With an increasing number of cell phones being developed with social media capabilities, a company’s visibility can only increase in the future by using this strong marketing tool.

When you combine highly targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, viral social media programs and text and mobile marketing campaigns, you have an online marketing strategy that delivers real results.

At Beatroot Technologies we believe in Social Media Optimization by matching our capabilities aptly to your requirements. We understand that Social Media Marketing is about building a conversation with your target audience, and we give you the best advice and tools to enable this

Beatroot Technologies helps you optimize your campaign by helping you create a strategy, build strong SEO content, create inbound traffic through Link Building and SEO Links, build custom apps to promote your product or promote internal branding through social media.

We can help you take advantage of all possible online resources to help your business achieve its goals – SEO, SEM, online public relations, and social media.

Why Beatroot Technologies Internet Services?

  • Use social media to build communities and create a well known brand
  • Make your content highly scalable and accessible
  • Create and promote viral marketing campaigns
  • Develop your Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Build credibility with your customers or target audience
  • Use Social Media to reach potential employees or current employees
  • Build apps for monitoring social media
  • Reach out to your customers through web text and mobile technologies

PPC Campaign Management

A targeted online advertising model, pay per click (PPC) advertising can be used to leverage product USP and generate qualified leads and sales. Several impressive platforms, such as Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center, and Facebook Ads, provide excellent features that can help businesses get the maximum bang for their buck.

In a fiercely competitive global market, using pay per click advertising or PPC can make your brand stand out and get you consumers from all across the world without the need to invest in exorbitant traditional advertising methods, such as newspapers and TV.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an ingenious marketing strategy used by businesses all across the world to relay promotional activity or connect with their customers. Your prospective customers are subjected to a barrage of emails from your competitors daily. If you are not in this list, you are missing out on potential eye balls and passive sales.

Businesses can use email marketing as an effective method to engage customers and encourage them to purchase your products by increasing awareness about your brand, offering deals and discounts, and sending regular emails.