Healthcare: Transformation through innovation

The Healthcare industry faces huge financial and regulatory challenges. This condition has led healthcare industry to seek advanced IT solutions to reduce cost of research and development, as well as streamline production of drugs, sales, and delivery. Beatroot Technologies with immense experience of providing tech solution across different verticals has exquisitely developed IT-powered applications and solutions for the major Pharma companies.

We are up-to-date with latest developments in the Pharmaceutical sector. Our forward thinking and cutting-edge knowledge has enabled us to develop advanced technology platforms and give our clients a competitive advantage in R&D. Our vast domain experience enabled prototyping affordable software services and IT solutions using offshore and on-site outsource models.

Being the field proficient, we understand the complexity facing both small and big businesses and benefit them with customized enterprise Pharmaceutical systems. Our solution also provides sound management of critical clinical trials and technological details. This has helped businesses in terms of increased production, retailing, and delivery of drugs.

Our extensive understanding of the Pharma processes has helped automate the Pharma industry. Our outsourced services and software & IT services have resulted in improved efficiency, seamless processes, and better returns on investment of these companies.


  • Expertise in customized enterprise Pharmaceutical systems.
  • Custom solutions for specialty Pharmaceuticals, drug dealers & retailers, and others.
  • Providers of software development, software upgrade, migration, and integration service, software QA Testing, UI design, and custom software application development.