Real Estate

In today’s Real Estate market, companies are challenged to keep pace with changing market trends, maintain relationship with clients, and collaborate with partners and colleagues. These challenges are a declarative to the Real Estate sector to streamline business processes, integrate new technologies, identify business challenges, and adapt to the evolving governmental and environmental regulations.

Beatroot Technologies features cutting-edge mobile application and IT solutions, contrived to address the challenges faced by property managers, builders, and property brokers. Our customized enterprise mobility solution provides quick access to online tools, assists realtors making business decisions on a real-time basis, provide agile solution to client requests etc.

We provide

  • CRM solution
  • System Integration and Migration
  • Custom Mobile Application Development Serves
  • Independent Testing Services
  • Portals & Collaborations

Our USPs

  • Improved business efficiency
  • Mobile Office environment
  • Cost reduction

Maximize your business performance with industry-leading software and application solution.