Log 2 Exam

Log2Exam is Online Examination Module is an innovative way to prepare students for examinations. It is a simple interface that allows the teachers to devise the question papers and host them. The examinations can be scheduled as desired and an in-built assessment engine verifies the responses and instantly generates and publishes the results after completion. It is possible to make it available to LAN (Intranet), and WAN (Internet).

This standalone platform can be easily incorporated with the campus portal to conduct periodic evaluation of students online and/or across a network of on-campus computers. Logged-in students can attempt tests which are programmed to automatically deliver scores to both the teacher and student instantly at the end of predetermined exam duration.

Password-protected and 100%secure, Online Examination Software delivers never-before flexibility and ease-of-use to the process of conducting practically paperless examinations.


Online Examination Software primarily consists of an instructor module and student modules. It offers three modes of logging in with password protection. The administrator shares the instructor module. The instructor and student modes are user modes while the admin mode is privileged with unlimited access.

Log2Exam software has three modules

Admin Module :

The admin Module has unsurpassed access overriding those of the user modes of the instructor and students. This is assigned for uniformity of assignment and ease of monitoring/administration.

  • Add instructor
  • Add class/students
  • Categorizing of exams
  • Set exams

Staff Module :

This module primarily offers the privileges of assigning exams to the class/students and monitor assignment progress while keeping a track of student performance.

  • Create exercise/test
  • Customize questions
  • Schedule exams
  • View results
  • Monitor Performance
  • Get graphical representation of student performance

Student Module :

This module limits accessibility to submission of assignments and receiving scores instantly.

  • Submit assignments
  • Receive instant scores
  • Submit a test

Quick Points

  • Common platform for all the modules in this package.
  • Internet/ Intranet based System.
  • Client Server technology.
  • Platform supports many type tests like multiple choice, radio buttons, True or False etc...
  • Support image & audio based questions.
  • Administrator can add the question topic wise, schedule the time for exam.
  • Random quiz generator.
  • Instant Reports.
  • Printout of student report.
  • Exams are taken through the browser and requires no downloads or plug-in.