About US

Beatroot Technologies is a results-oriented IT services company, where our mission is to provide high quality solutions to our customer´s digital needs. Beatroot offers its diverse clientele end to end solutions in Enterprise Applications, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management and Global Sourcing with positive ROI.

Why Beatroot Technologies?

Beatroot Technologies has access to highly skilled technologists and engineers with years of experience in providing highly innovative solutions. Our on-site/offshore model and expertise of our workforce helps us build optimal value into our outsourced products/service offerings. We has the necessary state of the art infrastructure to deliver high quality services from our Global Delivery Centers (GDCs).

Our business model provides for optimal deployment of multi-location engagement teams and de-centralized project management, which helps strengthen our value proposition to our clients. We offer all our clients competitive pricing, transparent project audit, reliable project management , 24x7 customer support, dedicated quality assurance, and IP safeguards.


We envision a business environment where our role will be that of a facilitator who offers a range of services to the corporate world to enable, empower and motivate them to achieve greater business success and profitability in their chosen service/product area and industry.


Business integrity and value addition are the core tenets of Beatroot Technologies. As new technologies evolve, newer and newer service possibilities are available to businesses. Beatroot would like to position itself as an organization which identifies these services and offers them to clients as an ROI rich alternative.